Our Favorite Links...
Since our children were born January 23rd, 1996, we have sought out a lot of parenting advice for large instant families. Hopefully, the links below will help you or a friend.

Growing Families International (GFI): This was the first organization we turned to. Gary and Ann Marie Ezzo founded a ministry based on Biblical parenting. Whether or not you believe in the Bible, their advice will bring greater joy to your parenting.

Mothers of Super Twins (MOST): MOST provides a wealth of information for parents of "higher multiples" (triplets and above). They maintain a full medical advisory board to educate prospective parents.

Triplet Connection: Provides a wealth of information for the "higher multiple" families. Their quarterly magazine is full of stories on how other families are surviving and thriving.

The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc.: This is a great network of moms with twins and above. Almost every town has a "Twins Club." We especially like going to their annual "Yard Sales."

Dr. Craig Towers: Dr. Towers was our perinatalogist, a specialist in "Maternal Fetal Medicine." He guided us through our pregnancy and planned for every contingency. He is the author of I'm Pregnant & I Have a Cold.

Family Life: The success of your parenting is dependent upon the success of your marriage. Family Life provides resources to improve your marriage and your family.

Crown Financial Ministries (CFC): The greatest cause of marital stress (and divorce) is finances. CFC provides the tools to get your finances under control.

Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach: This is the church we attended from 1990 - 2003. The worship is exciting, the teaching is straight from the Bible, and the people are committed to Christ. What more do you want?!